Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

Hello everyone from the fairies and the Powell Girls, as they are wishing you bloggers all around a Merry Christmas.

This year, Cordelia sets up the Christmas lights with help from Felicia, for she is a lot of help due to her size and willingness to decorate.  

Rose loves the giant wreath best of all on the front door. Cordelia however isn't as interested.

She'd rather frolic in the snow with her snowman friends. They only appear once a season to wish her happy holidays. This time they decide to carry Cordelia around the yard while cheering.

 …Along comes Felicia and WHOOSH! She blows them over by hooting a joyous hoot. No one is hurt.

Meanwhile inside, Rose bakes up a delicious pie. Of course, she wears the confident expression bakers use to say, "My cooking is perfection." Would you like some? I think it's apple. 

Cordelia receives a new book for Christmas. This year, she couldn't wait unit Christmas morning to open her present. Jasper the cat reads with her. He finds the book a very good cat toy. 

The Pickering family has recently traveled to China and bought back a beautiful tea set for Rose as a Christmas present. They are her new pride and joy and will now be used at future tea time events. 

Oh, dear! The snowmen outside have been partying happily until Jasper tackles one. It's just good natured fun and play. Don't worry.  

Cordelia decided to abandon her hot coco to whoever should come along and sit with the Santa pillow.  Perhaps Rose will finish it while she knits, or Felicia will peck at it. I think it's too small for Felicia to sample.