Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

Hello everyone from the fairies and the Powell Girls, as they are wishing you bloggers all around a Merry Christmas.

This year, Cordelia sets up the Christmas lights with help from Felicia, for she is a lot of help due to her size and willingness to decorate.  

Rose loves the giant wreath best of all on the front door. Cordelia however isn't as interested.

She'd rather frolic in the snow with her snowman friends. They only appear once a season to wish her happy holidays. This time they decide to carry Cordelia around the yard while cheering.

 …Along comes Felicia and WHOOSH! She blows them over by hooting a joyous hoot. No one is hurt.

Meanwhile inside, Rose bakes up a delicious pie. Of course, she wears the confident expression bakers use to say, "My cooking is perfection." Would you like some? I think it's apple. 

Cordelia receives a new book for Christmas. This year, she couldn't wait unit Christmas morning to open her present. Jasper the cat reads with her. He finds the book a very good cat toy. 

The Pickering family has recently traveled to China and bought back a beautiful tea set for Rose as a Christmas present. They are her new pride and joy and will now be used at future tea time events. 

Oh, dear! The snowmen outside have been partying happily until Jasper tackles one. It's just good natured fun and play. Don't worry.  

Cordelia decided to abandon her hot coco to whoever should come along and sit with the Santa pillow.  Perhaps Rose will finish it while she knits, or Felicia will peck at it. I think it's too small for Felicia to sample.   

Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas and Making Minis

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long, but school has controlled my mind, so all I could think of was work, work, work! (it's a little like zombies thinking of brains all the time, but who knows. Maybe they only want to build a miniature graveyard instead of eating brains). Ok, back to the point. Anyway, I finally have time to blog because of the strange weather we're having in Alaska. Today, school was canceled on account of an ice storm, but it's 41 degrees out! Very strange, but I'm thankful all the same since I get to do projects all the while! 

The fairies don't mind the weather, since I make sure their weather is normal. However, it's very hard to make weather accurate on a dollhouse lawn. Right now, the fairies have snow, but it doesn't look to be melting. However, the fairies don't seem to care, since they love the outdoors.

Ever since it snowed, Cordelia built 4 jolly snowmen to keep her company. They love to form a conga line and dance to their hearts' content on every snowy day!

Unfortunately, I couldn't do the Christmas blog in December. However, I thought everyone would like to see the pictures for Christmas anyway, since they bring everyone good cheer, no matter the season!

Rose loves to decorate the house for any occasion, so she put up christmas lights that can turn on easily. I like to turn them on in the dark.

On Christmas Eve, Cordelia sneaked downstairs to peek at the presents. She knew Stella (the poodle) wouldn't tattle on her.

Rose and Cordelia worked side by side while making these petite gingerbread houses. The saying,"great minds think alike" must be true with the fairies, since both houses look very similar.

For breakfast on Christmas morning, Cordelia had berries and hot chocolate, as well as homemade rolls.

This is the Pickering family. They were one of the best Christmas presents I've ever received, and as soon as I finish the Lily, this cherished family will be moving right in. For now, they will visit the fairies. (From left to right; Ezra, Edward, Rebecca, and Charlotte with baby Morina).

 Christmas time is the best with minis. 

Besides making things for the holidays, I've also been working on making food to go on the dining room table for the Lily.  This is a roast pigeon dish that is meant to be the main course. I varnished the meat after putting a little bit of gold  and brown paint on it. The paint was applied after I baked the clay, but rubbing alcohol has to be applied before the paint, otherwise it won't stick.    
This is the whole feast. Rose and Cordelia have invited their new alien friends to dine with them. "We come in peace while eating!"