Monday, August 5, 2013

And the results are in!

Friday I got a surprise phone call from the fair. At first I was wondering why an adult I didn't even know was calling me, but then I found out that I had won a grand champion ribbon because of my Orchid dollhouse. I was excited and a little sad when I found out that I wasn't able to attend the awards ceremony because I would be in Ohio at that time. 

We went to the fair on Saturday, and I was surprised yet again! I had won another grand champion ribbon, this time for the PJs that I had made! This is the first time that I have won any grand champion ribbons, let alone 2 of them! 

I also won a first place ribbon, and a class champion ribbon (shown on the right side of the dollhouse). The grand champion ribbon is on the left.

I especially love how the people displayed the Orchid. The front of the dollhouse can be seen clearly through the window. 


This is me with my flower shirt. Since this shirt was much more complicated to make than the PJs, my mom and I were surprised that the simple PJs won the class champion, instead of the shirt.

My room looks so empty and lonely without the dollhouse! The only thing on my dollhouse table is some of the furniture from the Orchid and the giant lawn. Luckily, the fair is over on Sunday, and I'll have my dollhouse back! 


  1. Congratulations, Hannah! I am so proud of your many accomplishments and very happy for you that your talents have been recognized and honored in this way. Wonderful!

  2. Congratulations! That must feel great to have your talents recognized. Your house and clothing look wonderful. (I love your fabric choices too!) Well done!

  3. Nice work, Hannah! Congratulations on jobs well done!

  4. Congratulations Hannah! What a wonderful bit of news and you deserve it! I know that you have worked very hard on the Orchid and it has paid off in happiness! It is a grand feeling knowing that others have appreciated all of the time and work that you have put into it. A job Well done on your dollhouse and your pj's!