Sunday, November 3, 2013

Craft-O-Rama 2 (by Hannah)

 I know I haven't blogged in a long time, but I'm glad I have the opportunity now. Summer has come, and gone. Even fall is ending, though Halloween wasn't too long ago. In Alaska, snow has already fallen, and I'm a little disappointed of that because I had just gotten the mini fall leaves for my dollhouse lawn. I had wanted my lawn to match the Orchid's lawn, but the seasons in Alaska aren't normal compared to the rest of the USA. When I first finished the Orchid, I had decided that its' climate wouldn't be Alaska's. I thought it was very strange to have the Orchid surrounded by flowers in the spring, but that it was still snowing and 10 degrees below zero in Alaska. 

I could rant on, and on about how strange and disoriented the weather is in Alaska, but that would just be boring. You're mainly here to see pictures of minis and other things, not just words. With that said, I present you the sweet images of a typical mini day in fall.


The chickens have been having a lovely time frolicking about, and pecking at the fall leaves. Two of them love to sit on the pumpkins, and acorns. Unfortunately, one of them has gotten into a bit of a pickle (or should I say, a bit of an acorn). 

Cordelia and Rose have been spending their time outside as much as possible. Cordelia loves to look at the leaves, and sometimes she drags the outdoors in with her. Rose always has to brush her off after raking the leaves. 

Rose loves to cook, and she loves to celebrate Halloween with some sweets. All in all, she loves to have small parties to celebrate any holiday. I made everything on the table except the flowers in the vase, and the two cheese platters (those were made by Ayi Chris). I was inspired by her darling cheese platters to make one of my own. The one I made is the one farthest to the right. 

Here comes Felisha 'round the corner! She loves to visit often, but has a hard time visiting due to her enormous size. She sometimes startles Rose when she seems to be a giant, furry owl lurking around a corner of the house.

Rose has baked some more lovely cakes. The pink one with white icing looks very Spring-like, and the large, layered chocolate cake looks to be very rich. I think it should be called, "Death by Chocolate." The small, white cake in the very back seems to have a delectable cherry filling.

The table is set for afternoon tea. Come and get it while it's hot, and the cake is fresh out of the oven! The table is set for two, probably for Rose and Cordelia. Another thing Rose likes to do besides cooking, is to drink tea and eat her homemade cakes.

As I've said before, the fairies love to spend their time outside. They love all seasons, but fall is particularly their favorite. Maybe because they love how the leaves go with the color scheme of the house. We'll never know, but we know the chickens feel the same happiness of being outside as the fairies do. Their favorite thing to do is to sit in Cordelia's, or Rose's lap and think about things. 

The inside of the Orchid isn't as colorful, or as fall-like as the outside, but I put some pumpkins inside as well as out. You can find them in and around different parts of the house. There is even a pumpkin on the sink in the bathroom.

It took a long time, but I eventually started preparing for fall. This picture shows me making the petite pumpkins, and other fall delicacies for the fairies to eat. 

I hope that poor chicken will be able to get her head unstuck.   


  1. This is a fabulous blog Hannah! I really love your writing. You draw us into life in the Orchid. Your fall display looks lovely!

  2. Hello Hannah! I loved your post and the way that you have incorporated a great tale with the Autumn season and your wee fairy folk! I too believe that bringing the outside In, helps to carry the theme as you have demonstrated so well! Your table set for tea has some really Yummy looking cakes. Just like Your Rose, MY favorite thing to do is make tea and eat cakes too! Only the cakes are Big and now,so am I! :D