Friday, July 19, 2013


Physical progress on building this Lily is slow because the planning stage keeps having set backs in terms of knowing what to do before I disassemble the dry fit.

The Lily would look lovely with lighting, but the whole concept of installing the lighting is well and truly intimidating. I am starting with reading the manual that comes with the wiring kit, hoping that it will make sense to me.

So as I read the tape wiring manual, it appears that I have to put the wallpaper and flooring in after I wire? Is that right? If so, how does that flooring get in there and how to wallpaper that tiny enclosed front hallway after the Lily is assembled? The floor plan and wall shapes look tricky enough. 

While I have always papered before construction, I understand making templates of the walls and floors first, but I'm not so certain of how to get the wallpaper and flooring in there after building. 

Yeesh! Just thinking about putting the wiring in gives me the heebie jeebies, much less how to get the flooring and papering in after the build. My head hurts!

Another thing that is holding me up is that I would love to add a fireplace or two, but the layout doesn't seem to accommodate the addition of fireplaces. I can't see a logical place where they would connect to a chimney. The lovely side opening and the bay window seem to preclude this.  I haven't puzzled out a place for one; perhaps there just isn't and I'll have to abandon the idea for this build. 

Pondering, pondering, pondering....

~ Chris


  1. Hello Chris! I understand your dilemma all too well! I have just finished posting on the trials and tribulations of having installed the same type of system that you are contemplating. Read the directions by all means and here is a heads up on the instalation of the brads into the tape. Unless they are headless pins do NOT bother trying to use them. They are impossible to keep a good hold of. Use the eyelets to connect the layers of the tape, the company recommends them as they are easier to install because you will be able to hold them in a securely. Tape wire can be easiest to use if you run it both on the walls and on the floor or ceiling above. I have used both the tape and the hardwire system and there are plusses and minuses to both. I want to direct you to a blog by a lady named Liduina of Miniature House blogspot. She had some very clever solutions for disguising the wiring and yet making it accessible if need be. Check it out when you can because wiring only looks scary but once you have done it once or twice you will see that it is easier than it looks. Also if you can get access to an on-line tutorial from You -Tube on how to wire a doll's house it will help out a lot! Even try Cir-Kit concepts web page. I just found this out via another blogger and slapped my head ( I shoulda had a V-8! ) and wished I had seen the web page first instead of last. Come and read about my adventures in the land of lighting and you will get a good idea of what to expect when you
    don't do all your homework!


  2. 'electricity' is the most difficult!!! ( to many!!!!) here is a link to a blog, where somebody came up with a good idea! use google-translate !
    she makes a hollow path to put the wires in and through! Or one could also fit a drinking straw into the hollow, and push the wires through! With that technique one could exchange lamps and wires! I will try that too with my dollhouse! Also the lady from that blog is really very nice, you email her with questions!! Hope this helps, many greetings Anne

  3. I put the tape wire first then I plaster over it. Of course the last time I used this kit the lights stopped working after the house was finished. I was so mad! I have no idea what happened. One minute everything was fine then it was all over. :( I hope you have better luck.