Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ready for Prime Time

Well, maybe not quite ready for prime time, but ready for priming.  I got the walls and partitions primed on both sides this afternoon.

Now I need to carefully prime the ceilings without getting paint on the floors. I am going to try to score and stain the floors instead of installing flooring. It's a no-lose proposition; if that doesn't work, I can install flooring on top of them.  I had stalled out a bit on construction while trying to make wallpaper and flooring decisions, but Hannah has inspired me to get back on task. She is having so much fun punching out and organizing the pieces and has been hard at work.

This morning was taken up with poodle grooming. Poor Stella was getting a little too hot under all of those curls so I got out the clippers and scissors and went to work on her. After and clip, a bath, and clipped and dremeled nails, she felt very happy and frisky. She feels so much better!

Yummy~ black raspberries!

This evening, I finished the little punch needle rug I was working on to go with the bath tub I got for the Lily. Unfortunately the colors are not true in the photograph. They photographed brown; actually they are blues and silver grays. The silver grays are more like the colors of Stella. I'll have to take a photo in natural light instead of with a flash.

The Fairy House and Chez Erma were taking up too much space in my workroom, so they moved into the front entry way for a while. 

Oh, look ~ there's Hannah in the window!

~ Chris


  1. Hello Chris! What a difference the first coat of paint makes, it is looking better already. You have a novel idea of just scoring the wood base to make the floor boards. If that doesn't work out for you, you may consider buying a roll of wood veneer from the Home Depot. It sticks with the application of heat ( iron on) and the wood can be cut with scissors. I am going to use it on the second floor of the Arthur when I get that far. I have seen this used by other miniaturists and it always has turned out well for them and the roll is inexpensive and that is always a plus! Anyway good work so far and press on both you and Hannah. Your little rug is adorable and looks wonderful next to the tub. It looks very plush and good for wet feet.
    Hey, I didn't know that dogs ate berries!? I should try them on my 2 pups and see. I clip my dogs too. Saves me money and they look just the way I want them to..... Cute!


    1. Hi Elizabeth, I have done several different kinds of floors so far. The Aster has a skinny stick floor that I made. It is very sweet, but looks rustic ~ perfect for that house. I bought pre-made wood flooring for the Buttercup, which is too pricey for a project as large as the Lily. I made scored floors on my Imagination House this past year and they came out great, but it was made of MDF. Trying this on wood will be a different experience. I have read about making strips of the wood veneer. That is another great idea!

      Stella is funny. She runs to the berry patch to graze on the berries. My parents' dobermans also ate raspberries.

      What kind of dogs do you have?

      ~ Chris

  2. Chris, your bath rug looks really good! I had to laugh at Stella eating the raspberry. Very cute!