Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dry Fit ~ Again.

I did not want to do another dry fit of the Lily. It is hard to put together and harder yet to take apart. But I found I really needed it back together to clearly plan out my wallpaper schematics. Since I have it up, I think I'll go ahead and dry fit the roof and dormers.

A couple of days ago, I used wood filler to fill in the larger gaps in the plywood that would show up through the wallpaper.

I am not happy with this partition, I think I need to file the tabs on the top or make the slots bigger... or both.

I don't remember this gap in my first dry fit. It's highly likely I got some primer on the tabs.

Once the dry fit was done I went through the house with a pencil and did a better job of labeling. Part of the problem was that when I primed the walls, it covered some of my labels and I was unclear where the walls to each room began and ended. 

I like the way the completed staircase looks installed.


A view of the entryway and 1st floor staircase from the exterior.

And from the interior.

I think this is going to be the living room wallpaper...

The kitchen...

                                          The library....

The playroom....

I forgot to take a photo of the bedroom paper. I have some plans up my sleeve for the bathroom, but need to tryout some techniques before deciding for sure.              

The wallpaper makes it feel like it really will come together!

~ Chris


  1. Hi Chris! I really like your choices of wallpapers! They are all very pretty. Re-labeling was a good idea as well. You can also consider where the electrical runs will be while you have the house up and factor that into how you will hide the hardwire etc. You have made a great job of the staircase. I am impressed by the actual width of them, they look Good! Keep it up! It is looking like it will be a lot of fun as it has a lot of room for a little house.


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. About the electrical... I wish I could move forward with that with confidence. I haven't tried it yet, and quite frankly I am intimidated by it.

      I agree, the rooms are roomy and have so many fun design potentials!

      Best wishes,

  2. Chris, I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Go to my blog for the details! I'm just finishing writing the post. It should be up within the hour.

    1. Got i! Well, thank you Ruth. So sweet of you to think of us for this.