Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet and Unexpected Rewards

On our local virtual yard sale Facebook page, a friend tagged me in a response to a listing of a Rosedale Dollhouse kit that someone was giving away free, so I would be aware that it was there. Alas, I got there too late; someone had already gotten it. I did not know her, but I sent her a private message via Facebook letting her know that it might be a challenging kit for a newbie and if she wanted any help or pointers to just call; I'd gladly help her out.

That was last month. Yesterday, she sent me a message saying that she didn't think she would ever get around to building it and wanted to give it to me. Needless to say, I went right over to pick it up, and made a new friend in the bargain. What a great day!

The box looked like it had been stored where there was some moisture, so I gave it a quick look-over when I got it home and everything seems to be there and in good condition.

It looks like a great one to build for the next scholarship fundraiser. It has a lot of character, but isn't nearly as complex as the Lily. For now, it is tucked away for a future build while I concentrate on my Lily.  The wallpaper is ordered and on the way. Unfortunately, I don't have a good source for dollhouse paper here, so I had to order it. It would be nice to actually see it first, but most of it is from Itsy Bitsy Minis, so I am confident that it will be good quality. It is hard to tell about colors though. They don't always show true in photos.

Speaking of which, I got a photo of the little rug in natural light today. The colors are much more true to life than the picture I took last night using the flash.

It is really a silvery gray background, not tawny browns. The pattern is from Miniature Iron-on Transfer Patterns which I bought used after seeing that the transfers could be used multiple times. It has been a great investment of $.99! The transfers work perfectly and there are some very sweet projects in it. The oval rug pattern is from the same book.

Have a great week!



  1. Hi Chris! Your little rug is so charming and as I stated before it is perfect when next to you tub! Your choice of colors is very subtle and I like the silvery back ground. I also want to tell you how totally JEALOUS I am of the Rosedale that you have in your hot little hands! I LOVE THIS HOUSE! As I was going through some old receipts today from the early 80's, I found out that I actually HAD that kit, then I gave it away to a friend at the time and now, 25 years later, I am wishing that I held onto it after all. I love the LIly and the Rosedale equally and so Now I am Jealous!
    But it just goes to show that when you are kind and helpful, as you were to the 1st new owner without ulterior motives, then it comes back and rewards you like you never expected. I am so happy for you Chris and look forward to THAT build when the time is right!


    p.s. I'm just kidding about the jealous bit...... well, kinda hahhah

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I know what you mean about feeling jealous.. not in a bad way; in a wishful way. I felt that way when I saw that the Rosedale had already gone to someone else. I thought 'Lucky her!' but also wanted her to succeed at building it.

    Those little rugs are a bit addicting ~ they are so much fun to make. I was thinking it would be a good project for my flight to San Francisco; then realized whoever was sitting next to me would be ready to kill me between floss being everywhere and the pop pop pop of the punch needle. :-D

    ~ Chris

  3. Wow, that is so cool! Looks like you are in the dollhouse building world for real! I have never seen a Rosedale before, it looks great.

    I also love the little rug (so does Hannah - we ordered the punch needle supplies!). It looked cute in the other photo too even though the colors weren't right.

    1. Abby, maybe I'll post a little punch needle tutorial. Did you order punch needle supplies for 2?

      The Rosedale is really cool. It looks much easier than the Lily so it should go together like a breeze when I get done with the Lily construction.

      ~ Chris