Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Leaving...

On a jet plane...

Off to San Francisco tomorrow to visit my son and daughter-in-law. I'm looking forward to the visit, but not the trip since I am not a happy flier.

Before leaving, I wanted to take the Lily back down again. I had moved it around a bit and the walls were getting somewhat out of alignment. I didn't want to have the wood warp in the humidity, especially when it was off kilter. Before taking her down though, I wanted to mark where the wiring would go, should I accept the challenge, and measure the height of the fireplaces I want to build for her when I get back from San Francisco. 

I think it will work to have the housing under the porch and have the wiring come in through the kitchen.

I'm planning to build fireplaces for the end of the bedroom wall and for the attic wall just above it, so the chimney will come up through the center of the house.

Now that that's all done, she's re-deconstructed and tucked back into her box until I return home.

One of my objects for today has been to stay busy and distract myself from fretting about flying, so I also worked on the exterior of the Fairy House. I still need to put moss on the side eaves and hinge the doors. and of course there is endless landscaping and yard work to be done.

I am hoping TSA lets me bring my embroidery as part of my carry-on. I guess it's up the the individual TSA officer. I have been able to bring my knitting along on previous flights. While I was working on my punch needle rugs, I thought that would be a great way to stay concentrated and occupied on a long flight. Then I realized how much I could get into the personal space of whoever has the misfortune to have the seat next to mine as I separated the strands of embroidery floss. So, in preparation for staying entertained on the plane, I have been separating the floss in advance and putting the precut, pre-separated strands in little plastic bags.

I have more colors to do this evening. That should keep me busy!

~ Chris


  1. Great Idea Chris! I often think that this whole way of air travel has long ago lost its glamour and its pleasure. Rather than jumping on a flight to go on an adventure; you confronted with the security and whims of the security officers who sap most of the fun and anticipation out before you have even left the airport. I had a delay of having my luggage searched and sifted through and then a 150ml tube of Colgate toothpaste that had a teaspoon of toothpaste left in it, was confiscated by Security!? Huh??? Most of what is done is without real logic or common sense or courtesy. I can understand rules but , .... COME ON! REALLY?


  2. Sam here.
    Hope you have a really good time Chris.
    Yep, those restrictions can become tedious. When I fly to Australia and I am sitting for 16 hours straight I think about all the crafting I could be doing. Only problem is, all my craft work involves scissors, hammers, saws, knives, needles, pins, glue, solvents, etc, (sounds like a terrorist!) and believe it or not, I am just a miniaturist!

  3. (This is Hannah) Your fairy house looks even more like a fairy house now that you put moss on the roof. I also really like the giant frog on top. I have this giant ladybug that's in my mom's garden now, but before that it used to live on the lawn in front of the Orchid. However, it took up too much space, and the fairies didn't like it. That's why I had to move it.