Friday, June 7, 2013

Abby's First Blog

Hi, this is my first attempt at blogging.  I thought I would start simple, and share photos of Hannah's Alaska Orchid.  This build was started with Chris in Ohio and ended on Christmas Eve 2012 (see first post for the story).  The house continues to evolve.

Hannah chose the yellow and blue colors for her exterior to match the colors of her bedroom.  I am so proud of the work she put into this house!

Chris made the fairies that live in the house.  The chickens are usually out in the yard but have been known to appear at times in other places.

This is the bathroom.  As you can see, the pets sometimes do what pets do....

We will post more photos of the house soon!  We look forward to getting ready for the next build - The Lily!  I must admit that Chris's pictures of what is in the box scared me - we haven't opened ours yet.


  1. The Lily DOES look a bit intimidating, but then so did the Aster at first. One step at a time. I'm leaving all of the porch trim right in its sheets until it's time for to get it ready to put it on.

    This evening, I spent some time baking. Tomorrow's post!

  2. Hello Abby and company! I love the way Hannah has "finished" the Orchid! It is very pretty and she should be very proud of her work! I wish that I had had a real doll's house when I was young! She is a very blessed girl to have so much support and encouragement at home and with all her family members. Good work Hannah and as I am sure you know by now, a doll's house is Never really Ever done, you will always find just one more thing that needs doing!

    Hi Chris! I have the Willowcrest house kit and I also had a panic attack when I opened the box! I think that I shall adopt your method about labeling and bagging the pieces too. (When I finally begin to tackle it) I also love the book collection that you have! I love books and even though the net is full of information, to me there is nothing that is like seeing it in print in a book. There is a whole lot of valuable information contained between the pages and you have lots to look forward to enjoying.