Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lily Deconstructed ~ Yikes!

Just a short blog today. 

Taking the dry~fitted Lily back down was a nightmare! It goes beyond having tabs and slots; it has really long slots as well as the small ones which keep the house nice and stable. This will be a terrific feature when it is built, but it did not want to be deconstructed at all. I was afraid it would break while I was taking it back down. Abby and Hannah ~ I recommend at least two people working together to take Lily back down after the dry~fit, one to hold the unsupported walls up, and one to detach the adjoining wall. This is not a house I will spend time and energy dry~fitting as I go. I'll just use my notes from the first dry~fit.

I took a break from building today; there was too much to do with my real-life house and yard. I did start a new little punch needle project though. Maybe it will be far enough along to post a pic tomorrow.

The baby mockingbirds fledged a few days ago. This is the last photo of the last baby in the nest. 

Now they fly gleefully from tree to tree. They really seem delighted having discovered their wings.

~ Chris


  1. What a pretty baby bird! Enjoy your new house build!

  2. Hoho! This little bird looks a little put out and like it is Pouting! It is left out of all the flying fun!
    What a great shot Chris!