Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Blog

This is Chris posting:

In 2011, I decided to build a fairy house for my niece, Hannah, to play with when she came to visit. It was fun to build and is still a work in progress. While visiting New York Hannah loved the Victorian architecture in Nyack. 

On a rainy, miserable day, we went walking in the local mall, where Hannah discovered some Victorian dollhouse kits. As it happened, I had a kit at home; so when we returned to my house, Hannah, Abby, and I began to build what would become Hannah's fairy house. It was started at my house, then transported across the country to Abby and Hannah's home, where they finished building it. 

Hannah and I have been wanting to build another dollhouse and would love to build one together, however there is an entire continent between us. Nothing can stop the determined! Abby gave Hannah the Lily dollhouse kit for her birthday, the same kit I had gotten for the next dollhouse I wanted to build. So Hannah and I will be building together and sharing our progress on our blog.

Now that school is out for both of us, we have time to launch into our new project. My progress today, on my first real day of summer vacation, has been organizing my work area.

I am still tinkering with the fairy house, but the Lily looks as if it might completely take over my craft table so the fairy house will have to move.

Now, I am looking forward to seeing how Hannah is progressing.


  1. Congratulations Chris! The two of you building together sounds like fun! You need a followers box! As soon as you figure that out I will sign up.

  2. I think Hannah has good taste. The architecture of the house she is standing by in the photo is really amazing.
    It is going to be fun watching both of you build dollhouses. Enjoy the process!

  3. Thank you Casey and Isabella. There is now a follow by email box at the top of the page.