Friday, June 28, 2013

Construction Begins ....

....With the stairs.

The second floor staircase is almost done! 

I added a little trim to the exposed side of the staircase. The cherry stain is looking like a good choice for this house.

All that is left to do for the second floor staircase is a light sanding and another coat of satin urethane.

This kit has the cool feature of a built-in bookcase on the rear side of the second story stairs.

I am playing with the idea of adding an under-stair closet to the 1st floor staircase. 

The door looks better with a little woodgraining.  I may consider making it out of better wood if I decide to incorporate the closet.

It needs a little hardware. :-)

Tomorrow, I'll fit the staircases back into the house to make certain everything is fitting right, then the house comes down so I can prep the wood. 

Time to figure out wallpapers!

~ Chris


  1. I really like this staircase with the bookshelf. Unique!

  2. Thank you, Diane. I can't take credit for doing anything but putting it together, though. It is a nice design feature of the kit.

  3. Hi Chris! I too like the bookcase built into the back of the staircase. That will be great for extra display and storage. If you cut in a closet, will the door be big enough to get into? You will have the depth of the shelves just behind the cut out section.


    1. Now I need to make books, books, books! Of course other things can be displayed on the shelves, but right now I am envisioning the little room with the staircase as a library. The closet door was going to be in the first floor staircase since this one already has a feature.