Friday, June 14, 2013

Baking Potatoes and Carrots ~ Angie Style

Chris Again:

My real life oven broke last night in the middle of making dinner, which also meant no playing with my mini-food. When I whined (just a little) about it on the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum, my friend Holly told me I should have a dedicated oven for my polymer food anyway. Holly is always full of sage advice and I generally take her recommendations to heart. After reading mixed reviews about the Amaco oven and armed with a 40% off coupon, I bought myself a little Amaco clay oven which I set up in the back room off the garage where fumes would not bother either my parrotlet or the nesting wren family in the garage.

For what I am doing with it, it seems to be working perfectly well.
Here are my little carrots getting popped into the oven, then cooking away.

Just as the reviews said, the first firing was pretty stinky so I was glad I set it up far away from where anyone could breathe the fumes.

So, having a little oven meant that I could finally try out some of Angie Scarr's recipes from her Market Stall book that I posted about yesterday. I decided that potatoes looks fun and not-too-challenging for my first attempt from her book. They came out great. Thank you, Angie Scarr!

But, oh no ~ they spilled all over!

After a little work, they were cleaned up and ready to take to the Farmer's Market.

Some of the potatoes were left home for dinner, along with carrots and green beans. 

What a yummy supper!


  1. Awesome job on making polymer clay items Chris!

    1. Thank you, Jazzi, it has been so much fun!

  2. Hi Chris! What great fun I see you having! I love the look of your potatoes and you have only just begun! I am not much good at fimo veggies and I have tried making potatoes myself using the method from VictoriaMiniland You-tube tutorial. Mine turned out better than I expected but I know that it is all about Practice, practice, practice! Angie Scarr is a Star in the realm of miniature foods so what a terrific way to get the knowledge that you are looking for, I will continue to watch your progress and I am sure that I will soon be looking for tutorials from YOU!


  3. Your food items are great. I love the potatoes. I also love your doll.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Hi from Greece! Happy to see your blog (via Jazz)!! What a great idea to make a "joined" blog, the three of you! Love it! Many greetings, Anne