Saturday, June 8, 2013

Now We're Cookin'!

Chris Here:

There has been some serious baking going on at Chez Erma! Fresh sour cherries were baked into a cherry pie and lemons were squeezed to make some very tart lemon tarts, since there was plenty of pie dough for both.  

While those were cooking, fresh challah was braided, brushed with egg yolk, and left to rise on the stove top.  

The aroma of baking pastries and bread wafted through the house. Muffin was hoping for a chance to pounce from the counter to sample the wares, while Bunny hoped a cherry would roll onto the floor. 

Not too bad for having only the use of my left hand and right thumb. Now I know one thing I can do while I wait for my hand to heal. Cook!


  1. Hi Powellgirls 3! Love the fact that you are all involved but could you say which one is writing the post at the top of the blog and then who is leaving the comment? I feel like I am talking to Sybill, with multiple personalities! hahahhah


    1. LOL, Elizabeth! We really should do that.I started out doing that, but so far, I have written all but the one Abby wrote and abandoned that. I guess I shouldn't have. It's not to late ~ I can go back in and edit that. Great suggestion. :-D