Sunday, June 23, 2013


After spending a couple of days looking at my stain samples in the dollhouse, I decided to go with a cherry stain. It should provide a nice warm glow without being too dark. Because it was so hot today,  I waited until early evening to work on staining the stairs and trim work so I could work outside. After the little table, chair, and pieces to stain were all set up, wouldn't you know it ~ dark clouds blew in and thunder started rumbling. I finished what I could and brought it all back inside.  Ironically, the storm seems to have blown right over.  We need the rain. Darn!

I think the cherry will look  very nice in there.

After trying out the punch needle embroidery yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to try something a bit more ambitious. This will be an oval rug; more room-size. 

This is the back of it with the transfer and stitches showing so you can see where it's ultimately going.

And this is the front side as far as it's gotten.

It really is fun to do!

A sweet woman in town was cleaning out some of her dollhouse things and offered them up free to anyone in town who wanted them. I got a little booklet about making wicker furniture. I don't know if or when I'll get around to that, but I do remember enjoying weaving baskets in Girl Scouts.  Right now I need to keep focusing on organizing my real life house, as well as sanding and prepping the wood for the Lily.

~ Chris


  1. Hi! It's Hannah! I love the sweet little rug! You find many projects to make, and somehow you manage to complete them in what little time we have. My mom and I are jealous! Hope you can show me how to make it!

    1. Hi Hannah, I think you will love to learn punch needle embroidery. I will show you how when you come to visit in August. I can't wait to see you and your mom. It will be fun to go to the Three Blind Mice show together. :-D