Monday, June 3, 2013

My Birthday

Posted by Chris

Today is my birthday.  So far, I do not get stressed by the number associated with my birthdays, although the number associated with my 'children's' birthdays can set me in a tail spin. Those can be far more alarming. It is good to be here sharing the planet and I am blessed with a wonderful family, good health, and challenging interests that keep me active and constantly developing new skills.

My package from my sister, Abby, and niece, Hannah, arrived a few days ago. I have been patiently waiting until today to open it. They are both so talented! Almost everything was hand made be them. Abby, a lefty, has finally been able to learn to knit (none of us righties were good teachers for her) and has become skilled amazingly fast. She knit me this gorgeous hat and neck gator, and infinity scarf. It will be hard to pack them away for winter.

Hannah made me a fimo birthday cake, chocolate cake, and chocolate covered donuts.

The Best Birthday Cake Ever!

The fairies are enjoying cake and donuts this morning. I especially like these pastries; not only are they beautiful ~ I can enjoy them without gaining weight.

Hannah also crafted a fimo doll, vase, and plate.

My Hannah doll is curled up with a kitten and her knitting, the vase has a bouquet of lavender to scent the room, and the decorative cake graces the table next to the lamp in Aunt Erma's dollhouse. They look so sweet in there!

I brought Aunt Erma's dollhouse home after she died in May. I knew Hannah would like some of her dollhouse furniture and sent her the pieces she liked the best. Now it is lovely to have some of Hannah's crafts in Erma's dollhouse.

Hannah has many artistic skills. She is so amazing! I love this card!

They also sent a little cart for the gypsies to sell their wares from. Maja is selling chocolate cake and donuts this morning.

So far, a totally awesome birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Chris. Wow, your sister and niece are very talented. The homemade gifts are beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Isabella. Yes, my sister and niece have awesome talents.

  3. This is Abby,, thanks Isabelle. Chris has awesome talents too!